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Hello, dear writer - and thank you in advance for agreeing to write for me! I'm always a challenge, people say, but I am sure there is plenty to work with this time around!

I've kept some of my current darling fandoms for requests here, and laid aside others for personal preference reasons (no Freaks (1932) this time around as I tend to prefer old-time romance to smut for that fandom, and no Vampire Chronicles as I don't believe it's appropriate to include my favorite character, Claudia, in smutty stories). I've also dusted off a few old friends as those fandoms tend to fit the kinks I feel like requesting this time around.

My overall Do Not Wants are character death, non-con, unhappy endings and too much angst. My wants are included below! Again, thank you for being awesome, dear writer!

ETA: I understand now that we're guaranteed matching on only one kink tag, and of course I now realise that you're not obligated to include everything I ask for. So anything I ask for below is just a suggestion. I am sure I will be happy with anything you write as long as you avoid my do not wants! I didn't understand how this particular exchange worked when I first signed up - dumb newbie is dumb, but I now get it. I'm not wedded to one type of scenario or kink, but I am intrigued to see what you do with what we match on! :)

American Horror Story Asylum and Freak Show - Pepper femslash pairings

For pairings involving Pepper, I'm more into the sweet, romantic side of sex with a bit of light kink. I love lots of kisses, fluff, romance, happy endings. I do NOT want angst, unhappy endings, non-con or character death. Suggestion: With the nun characters, having them struggle with religious guilt before succumbing to love for Pepper is not only wanted, it's encouraged!

American Horror Story - Freak Show - Jimmy Darling/Dandy Mott

Possible suggestions for you to work with: I could see this one as more of a pushy bottom Dandy with a fixation on Jimmy's wonderful hands and the things he can do with them! Perhaps Dandy initially purchases the services of one of the other sideshow performers and Jimmy, horrified, offers himself instead and Dandy, highly amused, takes him up on it? Or Dandy just sees those hands of Jimmy's and offers him an irresistible amount of money for hiring his services? Elements for this story could include kinks involving Jimmy's hands, rough sex and bondage, and of course Dandy being an entitled brat! Dub-con is fine but no outright non-con please, and it would be nice if a - somewhat reluctant I suppose - type of affection grows between them? And of course, plenty of steamy lust! That last is the main requirement but of course everything else but the DNWs are optional.

The Ramones - Joey/Johnny and Joey/Marky

I'm pretty flexible about most things here but do prefer consensual with a bottom!Joey. For Joey/Johhny it could be more of an enemies to lovers thing with rougher but still loving sex, maybe light spanking and loving domestic discipline? They'd argue a lot, and have plenty of make-up sex! With Joey/Marky I imagine more friends to lovers, guys hanging out and having fun, hotel/touring sex, gentleness and humor. Sweet and goofy and all that good stuff! :)

Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft - Cthulhu/Gustaf Johansen and Clthulhu/Dagon, Nyarlathotep/Randolph Carter

With Cthulhu/Gustaf it could be more of a dub-con, alien being fascinated with the human who defied him scenario, I'd imagine it this way, anyhow. It could include size difference kink and apprehension followed by fascination and unbridled lust! And Cthulhu/Dagon could be more of a friends throughout the millennia becoming fonder and more affectionate as time goes on. Anyway, plenty of tentacles either way! And spawning is OK for either pair, more likely for Cthulhu and Dagon to create issue for domination of the universe! :) I'm not wedded to any particular storyline, kink or scenario here. I'm more interested in your creativity and what your imagination can devise here as the fandom is such a wide canvas! :)

With Nyarlathotep and Randolph Carter the kinks are nice but of course optional. I see them as more enemies to lovers, and due to past experiences developing a bizarre respect for one another and following the events of the Unknown Kadath story, I am interested in what would happen if they met again. Would Nyarlathotep be wanting some vengeance on Carter for being the one that got away, and be in hot pursuit on Carter's next dream quest? Would there be plot twists and turns, mental torments and tricks, or just a straight-up seduction to put Carter off balance? Is the Pharaoh type form (which I love best, by the way) Nyarlathotep's only guise or can he take other forms (he doesn't have to transform into anything or anyone else if you don't want him to, but I'm curious to find out). Or what if, perhaps, Nyarlathotep managed to follow Carter to the real world and was unable to get out? Would he retain any of his supernatural powers or be more human, forced to rely on his wits? And would he still have an edge over Carter, or would he be a little lost and vulnerable and Carter is the only lifeline available that he must reluctantly resort to? There is so much possibility here, and so many delicious avenues for smut, conventional and less so. I would love to request them all but don't want to put you off, dear author! I just love these characters and this fandom and am fascinated to read more, always! :)

The Little Mermaid (1989) - Little Mermaid/Sea Witch

Mmm, this one is full of possibilities! I'm open to plot, PWP or both. Some possible suggestions: the Little Mermaid could be curious about the Sea Witch - attraction/repulsion maybe - and wants to know more, and gets more than she bargains for, either in terms of sexual desire/experiences, emotional turmoil, or both? Perhaps the witch rescues the mermaid from a worse monster (because she's too valuable to the witch's plans. naturally) and has to provide comfort and caring for a short spell? Such a scenario could be about the witch merely deciding to amuse herself with the mermaid, or some sort of reluctant affection could grow on one side or both. Or maybe someone's spell goes awry and lust ensues? It could be the witch's spell, or one performed by someone else who is well meaning and inept or just wanting to cause chaos. Anyway, this pairing is something I've secretly hankered after for a very long time (femslash AND tentacle beings! SOOOO deliciously iddy!) and so I would be happy just to see something explicit written just for me along ANY of these lines. :) Plus, if you're worried about the mermaid's age, I am more than happy for you to age her up as needed. 16 is legal where I live, but I'm fine with her being any age that you need to write her at.

The only DNWs I have are as always outright non-con (though dub-con is welcome), too much angst and character death. My wants are as flexible as a good tentacle! ;)

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