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Name:Schlitzie Ramone
Birthdate:Jan 11
Location:New Zealand
This is mostly a fandom journal - for fics, memes, musing on muses and other such.

I hail from Auckland, New Zealand, and respond to Schlitzie, Carol Anne, Gabe, Kitty, Zoya, Kraken and a few other names as well, pretty much anything except "f... off" and "late for dinner"! I'm a feminist with disabilities, pro-social justice but NOT fond of internet SJWs!!!

I'm an Ozzy/Black Sabbath, Misfits and Ramones fan, quite crazy about many things including circuses, sideshows, pinheads, roller derby, Hello Kitty, Alice in Wonderland and Cthulhu. I write in a variety of fandoms - got a preference, just ask, and I might be able to squeeze it in there for ya! <3

My fic styles: slash, femslash, het, and even a little gen!!!

I welcome readers, discussion and new friends.

I do not welcome trolling, spamming and flaming. Anyone who does that will be banhammered immediately.

My friending/defriending policy is simple: I don't do flist-cuts. I'll only defriend someone if they defriend me first or delete their journal. Or on the rare occasions when it's personal - but it almost never is.

I'll friend pretty much anyone who friends me, as long as you don't appear to be a troll or serial adder. If I friend you first, it's because I've noticed we have interests in common, not for any creepy reasons.

I am, of course, well over 18 years of age.
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