Feb. 21st, 2016

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Hello, dear writer - and thank you in advance for agreeing to write for me! I'm always a challenge, people say, but I am sure there is plenty to work with this time around!

I've kept some of my current darling fandoms for requests here, and laid aside others for personal preference reasons (no Freaks (1932) this time around as I tend to prefer old-time romance to smut for that fandom, and no Vampire Chronicles as I don't believe it's appropriate to include my favorite character, Claudia, in smutty stories). I've also dusted off a few old friends as those fandoms tend to fit the kinks I feel like requesting this time around.

My overall Do Not Wants are character death, non-con, unhappy endings and too much angst. My wants are included below! Again, thank you for being awesome, dear writer!

ETA: I understand now that we're guaranteed matching on only one kink tag, and of course I now realise that you're not obligated to include everything I ask for. So anything I ask for below is just a suggestion. I am sure I will be happy with anything you write as long as you avoid my do not wants! I didn't understand how this particular exchange worked when I first signed up - dumb newbie is dumb, but I now get it. I'm not wedded to one type of scenario or kink, but I am intrigued to see what you do with what we match on! :)

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