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Rare Pair Fest Dear Creator Letter 2017

Hi, dear writer or artist! Thank you for being willing to create for me.

Here are some ideas that I hope will inspire you - of course, you don't have to include everything. As long as you stay away from my hard Do Not Wants, you're fine.

I'm fond of both fic and art, so will be equally excited to receive either (or both, if your style is a comic format!). Stories or art do not have to have erotic content, but it’s very welcome if you want to include it!

Things I like in a story or artwork: fluff, cuteness, romance, friendship, found families, female characters as leaders, overcoming adversity through co-operation, fun, adventure, acceptance of diversity, characters being both strong and vulnerable at once, curiosity and exploration.

My hard Do Not Wants: outright non-con (although dub-con elements are OK for the American Horror Story prompts), abusive relationships, major character death, too much angst, unhappy endings. female characters being submissive to males, setting changes such as coffee-shop or high-school type AUs (canon divergence within the original setting is fine though, and even encouraged!).

On to the prompts/suggestions (in no particular order!)!

1) American Horror Story: Freak Show
Relationship: Pepper/Elsa Mars

I love this canon for a number of reasons – it’s a rattling good story with some awesome characters! Pepper is my absolute fave, so I would love her to play a large part in whatever story you might come up with. Here are some possible scenarios that might inspire you!

Pepper was the first performer Elsa recruited for her freak show, and Elsa and Pepper are shown in canon to have grown to think of each other as family, but what if the relationship deepened? What if Pepper developed desires and needs that her “spiritual husband” Salty could not fulfil and Elsa felt it was her responsibility to take care of Pepper in that regard? How would their love blossom and grow? Would Elsa have doubts and misgivings about what she is doing, or simply enjoy a change in her relationship with Pepper? And what might Pepper’s reactions and emotional state be?

2) American Horror Story: Asylum
Relationship: Sister Mary Eunice/Pepper

At the end of Freak Show, we saw that Pepper became Sister Mary Eunice’s “special project” so there was a bond of sorts developing. A relationship between the two could have them both as innocents at the start, with curiosity on Pepper’s part and religious guilt turning into an inevitable more-than-platonic love on Mary Eunice’s. Or the possessed Mary Eunice, with her new demonic nature, could seduce the still innocent Pepper. Alternatively, you could portray possessed!Mary Eunice and post-alien abduction Pepper with her new advanced intelligence. How would these new super-beings relate to each other, and to who they were in the past? Themes that could be explored are religious belief, having and losing faith, awakening of desire and bonding against adverse circumstances, or a theme of “us against the world”.

3) Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Movies)
Relationships: Caesar/Cornelia/Koba, Caesar/Koba

This fandom and characters have recently become a near-obsession! I am particularly drawn to the character of Koba and all that he has endured – he is a complex character with both horrific flaws and many redeeming features. He turned from an innocent victim into a villain due to his hatred for humans and all the terrible wrongs they had done him, but I believe there was a time when he was happy, especially those 10 years between Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. He was devoted to his leader Caesar then and wanted to please him, before the canon of “Dawn” when he turned against Caesar and everything went to hell.

Some ideas: For the m/m pairing - perhaps something set in that period between the two films, the happy times when Koba trusted Caesar and wanted to make him proud. It could be something to do with a brotherly-type love that deepens – the scarred Koba would likely associate touch with pain due to his sufferings at the hands of humans, but Caesar could persuade him to accept physical affection again (which does not have to include sex, but I will not object if it does, and Caesar re-awakens Koba’s bonobo passions). Or they could go on a hunting trip where the two get separated from the main group and have to huddle for warmth somewhere and rely on each other’s strength, perhaps…

With the threesome, I would like the same time period mentioned above or a scenario where the events of “Dawn” never happened, and to see the characters all involved equally with each other… m/m as well as f/m, and a specific DNW is a submissive Cornelia – I like her strong and fiery! I would be happy with an established relationship angle, with the three characters going about their daily lives and being supportive of one another in their various tasks within the colony, or taking on some task or challenge together, or a getting together scenario where all three are feeling attracted to each other and work out a happy solution to their situation. Koba with his hunting skill and wisdom could be seen as somewhat of a mentor to younger apes, so his help would be invaluable in raising the young Blue Eyes. I do like kidfic so would be quite happy with this sort of a plot! :D

One note with this fandom – please NO AUs where the characters are human, I want them to stay apes!!!

4) Original Work
Relationships: As follows:

Intelligent Bonobo Alien Alpha Female/Female Human Intergalactic Ambassador- I’m interested in a scenario where a human woman becomes ambassador to a planet inhabited by a race of bonobo ape people, who are equal or superior to humans in intelligence, sexually enlightened and matriarchal in terms of their culture, and finds herself attracted, despite the many cultural differences, to their female ruler. Perhaps the bonobos have evolved a civilization that leaves humanity in the dust, with magnificent cities and gloriously sumptuous clothing? Or perhaps they lead a back-to-nature, hippies-in-the forest existence and have dispensed with clothes altogether, much to the embarrassment and curiosity of the human visitor? If you need a picture of what a female bonobo looks like, here’s a particularly beautiful example of one:

Female Primatologist Studying Wild Chimpanzees/Female Worker at Chimp Sanctuary – I’ve become very inspired by the work of Dr. Jane Goodall of late and would love something along the lines of women working with and studying wild chimps or helping chimps in a sanctuary – perhaps rescuing a wounded animal, or having an interaction with a friendly baby chimp, or just spending a fascinating day watching a troop of chimpanzees go about their everyday business! The romance could be a get-together story or an established relationship, a backdrop to a plotty adventure tale, or be front and center but inspired by their mutual love for chimps!

Female Circus Clown/Female Audience Member I’m a big fan of funny and cute romantic scenarios and this one definitely fits that description! I adore the circus and the clowns have always been my favorite part. So an audience member falling for a sexy clown – and having her feelings reciprocated, perhaps in a very unexpected manner, is an enticing prospect indeed! All sorts of flirting and fun could ensue – cute and funny banter, amusing performances, perhaps even the clown pulling the audience member into the ring for some audience participation fun! :D

5) Crossover Fandom
Relationship: Elsa (Frozen 2013)/Ariel (The Little Mermaid 1989)

This idea has grown for me from a “hmm, I wonder if this would work” to a fully-fledged “I would totally love to see this”! I love the personalities of these two characters, both strong-minded, with their good points and flaws, and see them both having a sense of adventure and curiosity that could lead to them bonding with each other. Whether it’s something sweet and fluffy or epic and adventurous, I’d love to see these two as a pair, facing challenges from the world as well as each other. Perhaps they could go on a journey to rescue someone, or have a battle against a villain (Ursula, perhaps)? Or perhaps there is something that becomes an issue affecting both their kingdoms that they have to work out, and the only way they can succeed is by teaming up? Perhaps there is a skill that each can learn from the other? I would be intrigued to see what can happen here! There’s lots of scope here for artists as well, so many pretty images – Ariel exchanging her light delicate outfits for heavy velvet cloaks and dresses, Elsa learning to enjoy an ocean swim, cavorting with Ariel and her fishy friends… I can’t wait to see creativity bring these two to life! :)

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