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Hello, dear writer or artist! You've ended up with me! While I can be a challenging assignment, I do hope there is something in my letter that will inspire your writerly or artistic powers.

Please note that while some of my requests may have more detail than others, I would be delighted equally to receive any one of these fandoms and pairings - some of the requests here are brand new so there would be less detail for those. If the prompts I've suggested here don't inspire you, and your imagination takes you elsewhere in your drawing or writing, that's fine, as long as my hard and fast Do Not Wants and my general likes are taken into account. I am willing to read/see either sweet and romantic things or wilder, kinkier stuff - it's all very welcome indeed!

For the record, my Do Not Wants are:
- Too much angst and unhappy endings (if there is some angst, I would like the ending to be at least a hopeful one)
- Non-con (dub-con is OK if both participants end up enjoying everything)
- Character death
- Mundane AUs (high-school, coffee-shop and the like)

Things I do like a lot are:

Romance and kisses
Recovery from trauma
Happy or hopeful endings
Learning to trust one another
Curiosity - about not only erotic matters, but other things too

On to the requests!

American Horror Story: Freak Show
Pepper/Elsa Mars – Pepper was the first performer Elsa recruited for her freak show, and Elsa and Pepper are shown in canon to have grown to think of each other as family, but what if the relationship deepened? What if Pepper developed desires and needs that her “spiritual husband” Salty could not fulfil and Elsa felt it was her responsibility to take care of Pepper in that regard? How would their love blossom and grow?

American Horror Story: Asylum
Pepper/Sister Mary Eunice – This could be something sweet and fluffy or something a little darker and dub-con. It could be Mary Eunice the innocent young nun working with her “special project” Pepper (that relationship was established in the episode “Orphans” on AHS: Freak Show) and struggling with religious guilt as she falls for the sheer sweetness of her charge. Or it could be a demonically-possessed Mary Eunice determined to seduce and corrupt the innocent Pepper… and this one could even go kinkier if a caning scene got included!

Disney Princesses: Elsa (Frozen)/Ariel (The Little Mermaid (1989))
This idea has grown for me from a “hmm, I wonder if this would work” to a fully-fledged “I would totally love to see this”! I love the personalities of these two characters, both strong-minded, with their good points and flaws, and see them both having a sense of adventure and curiosity that could lead to them bonding with each other. Whether it’s something sweet and fluffy or epic and adventurous, I’d love to see these two as a pair, facing challenges from the world as well as each other. Perhaps they could go on a journey to rescue someone, or have a battle against a villain (Ursula, perhaps)? Or perhaps there is something that becomes an issue affecting both their kingdoms that they have to work out, and the only way they can succeed is by teaming up? Perhaps there is a skill that each can learn from the other? I would be intrigued to see what can happen here! There’s lots of scope here for artists as well, so many pretty images – Ariel exchanging her light delicate outfits for heavy velvet cloaks and dresses, Elsa learning to enjoy an ocean swim, cavorting with Ariel and her fishy friends… I can’t wait to see creativity bring these two to life! :)

Disney Princesses: Elsa (Frozen)/Original Female Character
I was so excited to see this one nominated as there are so many possibilities - it could be sweet and fluffy romance, an epic adventure or wall to wall sexiness - you choose! Perhaps Elsa becomes mentor to a young woman who has powers similar to her own, or teams up with a warrior woman of sorts to save the kingdom. Or she rescues someone from a villain, or reforms someone who has been led astray - I would love to see what you create here! I have no particular preference as to the OC's name, appearance etc. - I just would like everyone to be over 18 and any romantic and/or erotic activity to be consensual, and for endings to be happy or hopeful! :D

Original Work: Female Revolutionary/Princess
I envision this type of story as set in an imaginary kingdom where a people’s revolution has toppled the monarchy and a princess becomes the prisoner (held for “re-education”) of the revolutionary leader, a woman who has started out with her heart in the right place and the good of the people foremost in her mind, but once she has her beautiful captive all to herself, she becomes a would-be despot exploiting the situation – and the princess – for her own pleasure! This one would work nicely as a darker, kinkier piece – suitable kinks could include gun kink, anal sex, whipping, boot worship and of course dub-con of the “please don’t – to “please don’t stop” variety! Would the princess try to escape, perhaps to a faithful lady-love on the outside? Or would she develop a form of Stockholm Syndrome and fall madly in love with her charismatic captor? What sort of emotional bonds might develop between this pair?

Original Work: Female Intergalactic Ambassador/Female Anthropomorphized Bonobo Alien
This one could involve exploring cultural differences as well as a budding romance, and can be as fluffy or as kinky as you want to make it. A human woman from either Earth or another Earth-like civilization is sent to a planet as an ambassador where the people are actually intelligent, cultured, peaceful bonobo apes – a matriarchal society with no war or poverty and a rich, magnificent culture with very sexually enlightened attitudes – perhaps the opposite of the human’s rather dystopian society? I’d be interested in how the human and one of the bonobos worked past their differences to form a friendship, and eventually, love. Themes of culture shock and adjustment could work well here; getting past prejudice, learning to see each other as individuals rather than as stereotypes, seeing beauty that goes beyond the conventional, etc.

Original Work: Female Pirate Captain/Female Kraken
This one also has lots of kink potential – tentacle kink! But I’d like the Captain to be pretty feisty, perhaps making a pet of this beastie and letting her know how – and when – she wants her tentacles in her! And of course she knows that her Kraken as a girl (as lady cephalopods such as squid and octopi often tend to be larger than their male counterparts, with bigger tentacles!) It will be interesting how a human and an intelligent mythical creature can work out a relationship – hopefully still loving in its bizarre way! Perhaps the beast could earn the Captain’s trust by saving her from drowning or driving off her enemies? It could be an epic adventure, or perhaps some rather odd but sweet bonding going on!


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