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Hello, dear writer or artist (I love both forms of fanwork equally)! Thank you for being willing to create for me. The prompts below are suggestions that I hope might inspire your creativity but feel free to adapt or change things and add other elements as well if the story or art seems to require it. As long as you stay away from my hard DNWs and include some of what I do like (though of course you don’t need to include absolutely everything), you’re golden! Though some prompts may seem longer than others, I love the fandoms all just as much as each other and would be equally delighted to receive any one of them as my gift.

Things I do like in a story or artwork: fluff, romance, the deepening of emotional ties between characters, friendship becoming love, overcoming and healing from trauma with the help of a loved one (or loved ones or friends or just kind souls), hurt/comfort, angsty scenarios that wind up with a happy or hopeful ending, strengthening of comradeship bonds and characters being willing to go the extra mile to help someone they care about.

My hard Do Not Wants are: outright non-con, main character death or death of one or both halves of the main pairing, unhappy endings and complete and pure angst with no hope in sight.

Now, onto the fandoms and some possible ideas you may be able to use for inspiration! The canons are listed in no particular order and I would be equally delighted to get any one of them as a story or art gift!

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