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Well, hello dear, lovely creative person who got assigned challenging little me! Aren't you brave?

Seriously, though, I'm not requesting anything too weird or hard to do (I hope!)

A few little things - I tend to prefer slash/femslash to het if you put any romance in there. And I also tend to prefer cute, happy and/or funny to dark and angsty. My last and second-to-last requests, to be sure, do have the potential to be horror-themed or mildly angsty, which I’m fine with, but even then I would prefer atmospheric and chilling and delightfully spooky or angst with a happy ending to out-and-out gory or hopelessly angsty if you go that route.

My hard and fast do not wants are unhappy endings, excessive angst, non-con and character death (with the possible exception of Request #6 - see below).

A lot of my requests this round are for circus, sideshow and carnival-themed songs. I’m getting well known for my love of such things – especially the old-time freak shows and the darling pinheads (some of the songs are about pinheads, but even for the ones that aren't and have a carnival theme, it would be totally awesome, if appropriate for the story or picture, if a sweet pinhead character was included, even if they were only a side character rather than the protagonist). But of course there’s so much more fun stuff that can be put into these types of stories/artworks as well – the Ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds, the hot dogs and cotton candy, the performers of all kinds – especially the clowns! Happy clowns, funny clowns, melancholy clowns, scary clowns – I love ‘em!!! :)

Not all of the requests have circus themes, however – so if you really can’t do circus, there are other things you can write or draw in there! :)

On to the fandoms and requests! In no particular order!

Requests under here! )


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