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Hello, dear writer or artist (whichever you are, I love both equally!)

Here are some ideas for you beneath the cut. I know I have re-used some prompts but all of these are general loves of mine! :D Feel free to go where your imagination leads you as long as my DNWs are avoided!

Things I do like in a story/artwork: fluff, romance, the deepening of emotional ties between characters, friendship becoming love, overcoming and healing from trauma with the help of a loved one (or loved ones), hurt/comfort, angsty scenarios that wind up with a happy or hopeful ending, strengthening of comradeship bonds and characters being willing to go the extra mile to help someone they care about. And dub-con situations are sometimes appropriate, especially for the American Horror Story prompts.

My hard Do Not Wants are: outright non-con, character death, unhappy endings and complete and pure angst with no hope in sight.

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Hello, dear writer or artist! You've ended up with me! While I can be a challenging assignment, I do hope there is something in my letter that will inspire your writerly or artistic powers.

Please note that while some of my requests may have more detail than others, I would be delighted equally to receive any one of these fandoms and pairings - some of the requests here are brand new so there would be less detail for those. If the prompts I've suggested here don't inspire you, and your imagination takes you elsewhere in your drawing or writing, that's fine, as long as my hard and fast Do Not Wants and my general likes are taken into account. I am willing to read/see either sweet and romantic things or wilder, kinkier stuff - it's all very welcome indeed!

For the record, my Do Not Wants are:
- Too much angst and unhappy endings (if there is some angst, I would like the ending to be at least a hopeful one)
- Non-con (dub-con is OK if both participants end up enjoying everything)
- Character death
- Mundane AUs (high-school, coffee-shop and the like)

Things I do like a lot are:

Romance and kisses
Recovery from trauma
Happy or hopeful endings
Learning to trust one another
Curiosity - about not only erotic matters, but other things too

On to the requests!

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Hello, dear author or artist! It's me! Always a challenge, but not impossible to please. Beneath the cut I hope you'll find some ideas to inspire you! Thank you so much for agreeing to create for me, and best of luck! <3

My hard Do Not Wants are unhappy endings, character death and non-con, although dub-con is fine in some instances. I love shippy stuff but have given some gen ideas for you to work with as well if you don't do shipping.

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Hello, dear writer or artist! Thank you for agreeing to create something for me!

Please see below for a few ideas and possible prompts that may inspire you.

My hard Do Not Wants are unhappy endings, character death and non-con, although dub-con is fine in some instances. I love shippy stuff but have given some gen ideas for you to work with as well if you don't do shipping.

On to the details! <3

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Hello dear writer/artist,

Thank you for taking on the challenge that is me! My requests may look daunting to some, but really they're not. My sole Do Not Wants are angst, non-con and unhappy endings, and my Do Wants are fluff, romance, and sweetness. I like the happy times! Smut is welcomed but not needed if you can't do it. I'm mostly about the romance and the cute factor, so if you don't write or draw sex scenes, then kissing and holding hands is fine! And also, no het smut please. I prefer the main ships to be f/f and m/m, although I'm fine with secondary het couples being included in stories. :)

Fandom 1 Request: American Horror Story

Basically I just want Pepper-centric femslash that isn't created by me!!! I'd be happy with either the AHS: Asylum or AHS: Freak Show universes, and would like to see Pepper paired with any female character you choose (I've chosen a wide selection). Just keep things consensual, loving and happy, please! :) For Asylum I'm fine with Pepper being either pre or post alien abduction. I mostly want happiness and love for Pepper, lots of tenderness and sweetness and someone to adore her as much as I do! I don't want to see her looked down on or treated as a child, though, she's a grown woman and I believe she's beautiful! :)

Fandom 2 Request: Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice)

Claudia & Louis & Lestat, Lestat/Louis. Claudia is my favorite character and the time that she spent with Louis and Lestat when they were all one big happy family, the two vampire fathers with their daughter, is my favorite part of their story and is sadly too short in canon. What I want for this fandom is more of those happy times, Louis and Lestat as the couple and Claudia as their beloved pampered child, perhaps from Claudia's viewpoint as I want Claudia to be the main character, although the shippy stuff is between the two male characters. I would love to see more of Claudia's happiness, her beautiful clothes and toys and outings with her fathers. A mixture of happy family gen and a m/m pairing relationship, if you will.

Fandom 3 Request: The Ramones

RPF slash for this one please, either Joey/Johnny or Joey/Marky. The dynamics I like for these pairings are different but I still prefer a sweetly submissive Joey for both. I envision Joey and Johnny arguing about their political differences (Joey left-wing and Johnny right-wing) and the band and what-not and Johnny being the tough guy, but there being more love than hate in the end. Joey/Marky for me is the pair being more egalitarian, a friends to lovers sort of thing, the two of them being like big, sweet goofy kids together and having fun.

Hope that isn't too huge a challenge, and is helpful for you! :)

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