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Hello, dear writer or artist! Thank you for agreeing to create something for me!

Please see below for a few ideas and possible prompts that may inspire you.

My hard Do Not Wants are unhappy endings, character death and non-con, although dub-con is fine in some instances. I love shippy stuff but have given some gen ideas for you to work with as well if you don't do shipping.

On to the details! <3


American Horror Story: Freak Show

Pepper/Elsa Mars – Pepper was the first performer Elsa recruited for her freak show, and Elsa and Pepper are shown in canon to have grown to think of each other as family, but what if the relationship deepened? What if Pepper developed desires and needs that her “spiritual husband” Salty could not fulfil and Elsa felt it was her responsibility to take care of Pepper in that regard? How would their love blossom and grow?

Jimmy Darling/Dandy Mott: Dandy’s fascination with the freak show performers and his early interactions with Jimmy make me wonder how these two would work as a pair. Perhaps Dandy initially purchases the services of one of the other sideshow performers and Jimmy, horrified, offers himself instead and Dandy, highly amused, takes him up on it? Or Dandy develops some kind of interest in Jimmy and offers him an irresistible amount of money for hiring his services? And perhaps a reluctant type of affection grows between them?

Pepper-centric gen – I would love to read anything where Pepper’s happy. A joyful “slice of life” piece where she is the central figure, perhaps! I’d love to see her having fun with her friends and loved ones at the carnival, enjoying herself doing her day to day activities, thinking the folks who come to gawk at her and Salty are funny… or having any other adventures that might come her way!

Freaks (1932)

Phroso/Schlitze - I see the Phroso/Schlitzie (or Schlitze, I am fine with either spelling variant) as being a tender, old-fashioned romance, so would prefer a delicate, innocent love story/artwork here (the kisses and flowers and handholding type), and NOT PWP! And I am fine with whatever pronouns you, if writing, want to use for Schlitzie, although the movie tends to use “she” and “her” (if you want to stick to movie canon in your method of writing). I tend to view Schlitzie as transgender or gender-fluid (in RL and the film, s/he was very fond of dresses and feminine finery and was always ecstatic when given new ones). Do feel free to include other characters from the movie in the story too, I love them all – even the horrible villains are fascinating! Possible (very optional) storylines could include

1) Schlitzie somehow helps Phroso out with his clown act, and the two bond
2) Phroso takes Schlitzie and their friends Elvira and Jenny Lee shopping in Paris, or for a picnic, or some other outing
3) Phroso has to protect Schlitzie against Hercules and Cleopatra (perhaps Schlitzie has witnessed something incriminating about their nefarious scheme involving Hans?) and their friendship deepens

Schlitze, Elvira and Jenny Lee-centric gen – I love sweet, happy slice of life stories – just something about these characters having fun and being with their carnival family and doing all the things they do every day and enjoying their activities would be awesome! Perhaps they go on an excursion, or help other performers with their circus acts, or have some other sort of cute and funny adventure!

Cthulhu Mythos – H.P. Lovecraft

Cthulhu/Dagon – This pairing could be a tale of friends throughout the millennia becoming fonder and more affectionate as time goes on. Perhaps they train or create more star-spawn for domination of the universe! :) I'm not wedded to any particular storyline, kink or scenario here. I'm more interested in your creativity and what your imagination can devise here as the fandom is such a wide canvas!

Cthulhu/Gustaf Johansen or Cthulhu/Any Male Character – I see Cthulhu as likely to develop a fascination with the human who defiantly stood his ground against what he must have perceived as a monster. Or perhaps there is a cultist whose dreams Cthulhu appears in, or an artist, like Henry Wilcox, who Cthulhu inspires? Such a fanwork could be wall to wall tentacle fun or a bittersweet torture of love and desire in the dream-world… anything is possible! :)

Randolph Carter/Richard Upton Pickman – These two seem in my mind to be very compatible as friends and lovers, having many interests in common. What was their relationship like in Pickman’s pre-ghoul days? What did Carter think of Pickman’s art, and what were Pickman’s opinions about Carter’s dream-quests? When Pickman became a ghoul, how did Carter react, and is there a chance their love will ever be rekindled, now that so many changes have occurred?

Cthulhu-centric gen: If Mythos shipping isn’t your thing and you’ve matched with me on the character of Cthulhu alone, I would absolutely love some sort of parody or humor featuring Cthulhu. Something really cute and funny! Perhaps something about Cthulhu’s internet correspondence with other characters? Or Cthulhu gets his own TV show? Or Cthulhu gets amnesia and believes he’s Hello Kitty? Have fun and go wild with this! I’m sure it’ll be delightful! :)

Vampire Chronicles – Anne Rice

Claudia is my favorite character and the time that she spent with Louis and Lestat when they were all one big happy family, the two vampire fathers with their daughter, is my favorite part of the story and is sadly too short in canon. I also love the relationship Claudia eventually develops with Madeleine. What I would want for a gift in this fandom is one of two things:

1) More of the happy family times, Louis and Lestat as the couple and Claudia as their beloved pampered child, perhaps from Claudia's viewpoint as I want Claudia to be the main character, I would love to see more of Claudia's happiness, her beautiful clothes and toys and outings with her fathers. A mixture of happy family gen and a m/m pairing relationship, if you will.
2) Another angle I would really like to see if the first option doesn’t inspire you is a canon-divergent AU where Claudia is not killed off but survives to make a life with Madeleine as she was intending to do. How does the relationship progress? Does Claudia develop mental abilities to compensate for her lack of physical strength? Do she and Madeleine ever seek vengeance on Armand and the vampires at the theater for attempting to destroy them? What would a happy ending for Claudia look like in her new life?

Case of Charles Dexter Ward – H.P. Lovecraft

Joseph Curwen/Simon Orne is a fave ship of mine from way back and I was super excited that someone else nominated it! :) I would love something that explores their relationship as friends and lovers in general, all their nefarious plots and experiments, how they endured the times apart and how they were able to get together now and again… and all the strange, arcane and dark ways they could use to find pleasure and excitement with each other! :)

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Date: 2016-04-10 07:16 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] anon001
Hello. Uh, sorry if this is somewhat out of the left field, but I was wondering if you had any specifics regarding the your art requests, in the event they are different from the fic details? Tropes, likes, rating, that sort of things? Sorry in the event my question sounds dumb, to some people their likes and DNWs differ for art, so you never know for sure if you don't ask, right? :p

On a different note, your letter isn't open to anon comments, I thought to let you know in the event it's accidental.


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