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Hi, dear writer or artist! Thank you for being willing to create for me.

Here are some ideas that I hope will inspire you - of course, you don't have to include everything. As long as you stay away from my hard Do Not Wants, you're fine.

Some prompts lean more towards shipping and others gen - I'm fond of both kinds of fic/art. Stories or art do not have to have erotic content, but it’s very welcome if you want to include it!

Things I like in a story: fluff, cuteness, romance, friendship, found families, female characters as leaders, overcoming adversity through co-operation, fun, adventure, acceptance of diversity. For the most part I prefer f/f for romantic relationships.

My hard Do Not Wants: non-con, abusive relationships, major character death, too much angst, unhappy endings. female characters being submissive to males, m/f smut.

Promps and fandoms under here!

American Horror Story - I would love to have anything where Pepper’s happy. A joyful “slice of life” piece where she is the central figure, perhaps! I’d love to see her having fun with her friends and loved ones at the carnival, enjoying herself doing her day to day activities, thinking the folks who come to gawk at her and Salty are funny… or having any other adventures that might come her way! Perhaps she even has a romance – preferably with a female character! Stories or art can include other characters as well, as long as all is happy and Pepper is the central character.

Vampire Chronicles - Claudia is my favorite character, and I would love something which is canon divergent, where she doesn’t get killed, and lives and flourishes! Perhaps she survives to make a life with Madeleine as she was intending to do. Or perhaps you’d like to create something set during my favorite and all too short part of the canon, where the Lestat/Louis relationship is flourishing with Claudia as their child. Artists may be inspired by the characters’ beautiful clothes, either Claudia’s glorious child outfits from the early days or the more adult clothing she adopts later in the novel.

Planet of the Apes Movies - I’m interested here mainly in Cornelia as a strong queen and co-leader of the ape colony, not so much in her role as a wife and mother although I am quite happy for some featuring to be made of her relationship with Caesar and their sons as they are so important to her (I'm fine with Cornelia being shown here in her canon relationship with Caesar, even though I'm mostly a f/f shipper, as I don't see them as a "conventional" m/f pair). But the novel “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Firestorm” showed Cornelia as being a strong character in her own right and I would love to see her taking a leadership and/or mentoring role with other apes – perhaps Caesar is absent for a time and she takes the reins of leadership, or someone comes to her for advice and guidance? Perhaps an artist or writer might be inspired by Cornelia dispensing some helpful words of wisdom to her older son Blue Eyes and/or other youngsters. One caveat for this story or pic is I don't want to see Koba demonized if you include him - he did bad things due to his past experiences, but in his early life with the apes, before the himans' return, I believe he had a good heart!

Original Work
Intelligent Bonobo Alien Alpha Female & Female Human Intergalactic Ambassador- I’m interested in a scenario where a human woman becomes ambassador to a planet inhabited by a race of bonobo ape people, who are equal or superior to humans in intelligence, sexually enlightened and matriarchal in terms of their culture, and finds herself attracted, despite the many cultural differences, to their female ruler. Perhaps the bonobos have evolved a civilization that leaves humanity in the dust, with magnificent cities and gloriously sumptuous clothing? Or perhaps they lead a back-to-nature, hippies-in-the forest existence and have dispensed with clothes altogether, much to the embarrassment and curiosity of the human visitor? If you need a picture of what a female bonobo looks like, here’s a particularly beautiful example of one:

Female Primatologist Studying Wild Chimpanzees – I’ve become very inspired by the work of Dr. Jane Goodall of late and would love something along the lines of a woman working with and studying wild chimps – perhaps rescuing a wounded animal, or having an interaction with a friendly baby chimp, or just spending a fascinating day watching a troop of chimpanzees go about their everyday business! This could be a gen story/artwork or you could perhaps include a romance with another woman if you want!

Female Circus Clown and Female Audience Member I’m a big fan of funny and cute romantic scenarios and this one definitely fits that description! I adore the circus and the clowns have always been my favorite part. So an audience member falling for a sexy clown – and having her feelings reciprocated, perhaps in a very unexpected manner, is an enticing prospect indeed! All sorts of flirting and fun could ensue – cute and funny banter, amusing performances, perhaps even the clown pulling the audience member into the ring for some audience participation fun! 

Woman Who Runs Away With The Circus – I love the classic scenario of someone deciding to ditch her mundane existence and well, run away with the circus! Making a new life for herself and new friends in the process, and discovering talents she never knew she had, of course! There could be all kinds of scope for this one, whether the character finds romance, or simply finds out who she truly is. What sort of circus performer would she become – an acrobat, trapeze artist or clown, perhaps? Artists may be inspired by all the lovely costumes and bright colors of the tents and other surroundings! 


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