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Well, hello dear, lovely creative person who got assigned challenging little me! Aren't you brave?

Seriously, though, I'm not requesting anything too weird or hard to do (I hope!)

A few little things - I tend to prefer slash/femslash to het if you put any romance in there. And I also tend to prefer cute, happy and/or funny to dark and angsty. My last and second-to-last requests, to be sure, do have the potential to be horror-themed or mildly angsty, which I’m fine with, but even then I would prefer atmospheric and chilling and delightfully spooky or angst with a happy ending to out-and-out gory or hopelessly angsty if you go that route.

My hard and fast do not wants are unhappy endings, excessive angst, non-con and character death (with the possible exception of Request #6 - see below).

A lot of my requests this round are for circus, sideshow and carnival-themed songs. I’m getting well known for my love of such things – especially the old-time freak shows and the darling pinheads (some of the songs are about pinheads, but even for the ones that aren't and have a carnival theme, it would be totally awesome, if appropriate for the story or picture, if a sweet pinhead character was included, even if they were only a side character rather than the protagonist). But of course there’s so much more fun stuff that can be put into these types of stories/artworks as well – the Ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds, the hot dogs and cotton candy, the performers of all kinds – especially the clowns! Happy clowns, funny clowns, melancholy clowns, scary clowns – I love ‘em!!! :)

Not all of the requests have circus themes, however – so if you really can’t do circus, there are other things you can write or draw in there! :)

On to the fandoms and requests! In no particular order!

1) Schlitzie – John Kite
I'd love something celebrating Schlitzie - his life, his career, how beloved and sweet and innocent he was... anything along these lines. More biographical info can be found about Schlitzie here:

2) The Carnival Is Over – Dead Can Dance
I’m not so much interested in the lovers told about in the song, I’m more interested in the “fabulous freaks” – the sideshow performers who are getting ready to leave town. What are their daily lives like? How was the show for them, and what went right or wrong? How do they feel as they pack up and move on to the next show?

3) Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves – Cher
The part that I’m interested isn’t really the failed love story told in the song, but about what happens to the narrator’s daughter, the child born in the wagon of the traveling show in the last verse. What is it like for her, growing up as part of a carnival? Is she a sideshow performer, perhaps, or friends with the ones who society calls “freaks”? What is her relationship with her family like, and what adventures does she have on her travels?

4) Pinhead – The Ramones
This song has an autobiographical element, outlined in the link below:

I'd adore something based on either the Ramones themselves and their reaction to the Freaks film, or something about the pinheads in Freaks and how adorably sweet they were, or the adventures of the Ramones and their onstage pinhead... anything that would fit the theme and be cute, basically! :)

5) Palisades Park – The Ramones
As with Dead Can Dance’s “The Carnival Is Over” my main fascination is with the carnival people themselves rather than the lovers in the song. How do they feel about all the funny, odd, annoying or fascinating things that happen during their day, the canoodling couples on the Ferris wheel, the bratty kids throwing tantrums, the heckling drunks, their own everyday loves and hates and working lives?

6) Tiger – ABBA
Since this song is sung by female vocalists, I imagine the song’s narrator as a powerful, alluring if somewhat terrifying female figure. Is she some sort of were-tiger, a shape-shifter stalking through the city nights, or a female serial killer seeking vengeance on those who have wronged her (this would be the exception to the no-character death rule above, but even then I don't want it too gruesome, thanks)? Is she literally a tiger, a big cat escaped from a circus, zoo or menagerie? Or simply a seductress seeking a lady-love for the night with a huntress’s determination? Let your imagination go wild! :)

7) Snowblind – Black Sabbath
No, this is NOT an attempt to shoe-horn in a request in the Frozen fandom, LOL! Nor, despite the drug references implied in the song, do I necessarily want a drug-themed story or picture (although if you go with the “hallucination” theme mentioned below, drug use could possibly be a factor). What captivates me about this song is the description in the lyrics of ice and snow and frozen landscapes – perhaps you might want to create something about a person who is dreaming or hallucinating about ice and snow? Or who has retreated to a snowy place to recover from some trauma or other? Or perhaps someone is lonely, and decides to run away from the cruel world to this safe but cold place, and they find someone to love and explore this frozen wonderland with?


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