Aug. 29th, 2016

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Hello, dear writer or artist! You've ended up with me! While I can be a challenging assignment, I do hope there is something in my letter that will inspire your writerly or artistic powers.

Please note that while some of my requests may have more detail than others, I would be delighted equally to receive any one of these fandoms and pairings - some of the requests here are brand new so there would be less detail for those. If the prompts I've suggested here don't inspire you, and your imagination takes you elsewhere in your drawing or writing, that's fine, as long as my hard and fast Do Not Wants and my general likes are taken into account. I am willing to read/see either sweet and romantic things or wilder, kinkier stuff - it's all very welcome indeed!

For the record, my Do Not Wants are:
- Too much angst and unhappy endings (if there is some angst, I would like the ending to be at least a hopeful one)
- Non-con (dub-con is OK if both participants end up enjoying everything)
- Character death
- Mundane AUs (high-school, coffee-shop and the like)

Things I do like a lot are:

Romance and kisses
Recovery from trauma
Happy or hopeful endings
Learning to trust one another
Curiosity - about not only erotic matters, but other things too

On to the requests!

Requests and Fandoms )


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