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Hello, dear writer or artist (I love both forms of fanwork equally)! Thank you for being willing to create for me. The prompts below are suggestions that I hope might inspire your creativity but feel free to adapt or change things and add other elements as well if the story or art seems to require it. As long as you stay away from my hard DNWs and include some of what I do like (though of course you don’t need to include absolutely everything), you’re golden! Though some prompts may seem longer than others, I love the fandoms all just as much as each other and would be equally delighted to receive any one of them as my gift.

As much as I also love m/m smut, this round I'm making all f/f requests as that's what I'm in the mood for! :D

I know we’re only guaranteed to match on one kink, but if others I’ve suggested seem to fit your creation as well, feel free to use them too! 

Things I do like in a story or artwork: fluff, romance, the deepening of emotional ties between characters, friendship becoming love, overcoming and healing from trauma with the help of a loved one (or loved ones), hurt/comfort, angsty scenarios that wind up with a happy or hopeful ending, strengthening of comradeship bonds and characters being willing to go the extra mile to help someone they care about, lovers experimenting with new kinks and pleasures. Also, dub-con situations are sometimes appropriate, especially for the American Horror Story, Female Dictator/Female Foreign Journalist and Ariel/Ursula prompts.

My hard Do Not Wants are: outright non-con, character death, unhappy endings and complete and pure angst with no hope in sight. I also don’t want het smut or characters ending up in het relationships (mentions of past het relationships or het relationships between background characters are OK). Also please no extreme underage – 16 and up is fine as that’s the age of consent in my country. But if you feel the need to age young characters (e.g. Ariel) up even further, I’m fine with that too!

A note on names for original characters: I’m fine with anything. Either “standard” names or made-up ones. If you make up names, however, I only ask that they be easy to pronounce – for example, names like “Kessi” and “Lyrilla” are fine. “Xzyquiertzopil” – not so much!!!

Now, on to optional details and prompts!

American Horror Story, Freak Show: Pepper/Elsa Mars - I love this canon for a number of reasons – it’s a rattling good story with some awesome characters! Pepper is my absolute fave! Here are some possible scenarios that might inspire you!

Pepper was the first performer Elsa recruited for her freak show, and Elsa and Pepper are shown in canon to have grown to think of each other as family, but what if the relationship deepened? What if Pepper developed desires and needs that her “spiritual husband” Salty could not fulfil and Elsa felt it was her responsibility to take care of Pepper in that regard? How would their love blossom and grow? Would Elsa have doubts and misgivings about what she is doing, or simply enjoy a change in her relationship with Pepper? And what might Pepper’s reactions and emotional state be?

Kink ideas: Lingerie – I could see Elsa teaching Pepper about the erotic sensations of wearing soft, lacy, feminine underwear, corsets, stockings etc. No doubt, Pepper would have not had much experience with anything like this due to her upbringing, and is more likely used to simple and even rather too childish under-things. It would probably be quite a thrill for her to learn about something more ladylike and sexy!

First Time – I imagine Pepper and Salty’s relationship to have been very innocent, so Elsa introducing Pepper to one that isn’t so innocent could be quite exciting for them both!

Dubious Consent and Seduction – I can imagine Elsa pulling out all the stops to get Pepper to notice her in a new way, and innocent Pepper being nervous and initially oblivious. Elsa, however, is gently persuasive and very enticing!

American Horror Story, Asylum: Sister Mary Eunice/Pepper – The bond between these two in canon has always intrigued me. At the end of Freak Show, Pepper became Mary Eunice’s “special project” and both are very innocent at heart. And it could add another interesting component if you decide to write or draw the demon-possessed Mary Eunice determined to lead Pepper away from the path of purity!

Kink Ideas: Blasphemy Kink – This could work in a number of ways! Demon!Mary Eunice could employ all kinds of devil and angel imagery to seduce Pepper, and images like nuns’ habits, saints, rosaries etc. could feature heavily!

First Time With A Woman: If you choose to portray the innocent version of Mary Eunice, this could be very sweet and a little tinged with religious guilt. It would very likely be the first time with a woman for both characters, and would be a process of feeling their way and experimenting with touch and what feels good… whether vanilla or not so vanilla!

Dubious Consent and Demonic Seduction – These kinks would probably work best if you use the possessed version of Mary Eunice, leading Pepper astray and possibly into some very depraved activity indeed!

Crossover Works: Elsa (Frozen 2013)/Ariel (The Little Mermaid 1989) - This idea has grown for me from a “hmm, I wonder if this would work” to a fully-fledged “I would totally love to see this”! I love the personalities of these two characters, both strong-minded, with their good points and flaws, and see them both having a sense of adventure and curiosity that could lead to them bonding with each other. Whether it’s something sweet and fluffy or epic and adventurous, I’d love to see these two as a pair, facing challenges from the world as well as each other. Perhaps they could go on a journey to rescue someone, or have a battle against a villain (Ursula, perhaps)? Or perhaps there is something that becomes an issue affecting both their kingdoms that they have to work out, and the only way they can succeed is by teaming up? Perhaps there is a skill that each can learn from the other? I would be intrigued to see what can happen here! There’s lots of scope here for artists as well, so many pretty images – Ariel exchanging her light delicate outfits for heavy velvet cloaks and dresses, Elsa learning to enjoy an ocean swim, cavorting with Ariel and her fishy friends… I can’t wait to see creativity bring these two to life! :)

Kink Ideas: Sensation Play – Elsa using her ice powers for erotic effect on Ariel, basically!

Underwater Sex – If Ariel takes the sexual lead, introducing Elsa to the delights of oceanic sex would be something fun to explore!

First Time With A Woman – Basically exploring pleasure and finding out what pleases each other. Ariel might have some sexual experience (if you portray a post-Eric version, or a post-Ursula or Vanessa version if you ship those characters) but as far as we know it’s very likely to be Elsa’s first time with a female partner – or perhaps, with anyone!

Bondage – Elsa could pinion Ariel with icy bonds, or Ariel could tie Elsa up with seaweed – or any silk or velvet materials from their royal trappings could come into play – loads of scope here!

The Little Mermaid (1989) – Ariel/Ursula: Mmm, this one is full of possibilities! I'm open to plot, PWP or both. Some possible suggestions: Ariel could be curious about Ursula - attraction/repulsion maybe - and wants to know more, and gets more than she bargains for, either in terms of sexual desire/experiences, emotional turmoil, or both? Perhaps the witch rescues the mermaid from a worse monster (because she's too valuable to the witch's plans. naturally) and has to provide comfort and caring for a short spell? Such a scenario could be about Ursula merely deciding to amuse herself with the mermaid, or some sort of reluctant affection could grow on one side or both. Or maybe someone's spell goes awry and lust ensues? It could be the witch's spell, or one performed by someone else who is well meaning and inept or just wanting to cause chaos. I think Ursula in her normal form is really hot, but if you want to portray her as Vanessa, that’s fine too. Or maybe a hybrid version of Vanessa’s face and body with Ursula’s tentacles – that could work well too!

Kink ideas: Dubious Consent and Seduction – Ariel is not sure she wants this, but is unable to resist the blandishments of the sexy witch!

Tentacles – oh yes, this is right to my id stuff! Penetration, suction kisses, bondage, or any and all of these – so many possibilities!

Bondage – With the aforementioned tentacles, seaweed, ropes from a sunken ship, or other items… Ursula could bind her mermaid any number of ways, or perhaps Ariel could turn the tables on the witch here?

Original Work: Intelligent Bonobo Alien Alpha Female/Female Human Intergalactic Ambassador – A human woman becomes ambassador to a planet inhabited by a race of bonobo ape people, who are equal or superior to humans in intelligence, sexually enlightened and matriarchal in terms of their culture, and finds herself attracted, perhaps reluctantly, to their female ruler. Perhaps the bonobos have evolved a civilization that leaves humanity in the dust, with magnificent cities and gloriously sumptuous clothing? Or perhaps they lead a back-to-nature, hippies-in-the forest existence and have dispensed with clothes altogether, much to the embarrassment and curiosity of the human visitor? If you need a picture of what a female bonobo looks like, here’s a particularly beautiful example of one:

Kink ideas: Body Contrast Kink – Bonobos are covered in lovely silky fur. Humans tend to be mostly hairless save for a few key areas. And bonobos have estrus cycles, complete with pinkish swellings in the genital area - sometimes quite sizeable (see this site for some examples: - and humans don't. I can imagine both parties fetishizing the hell out of each other and their physical differences!

Sensation Play – This could be done with simply fur and skin rubbing against each other, with pieces of juicy fruit, or the pair could simply tickle each other at first, leading to much more… the possibilities are endless!

Food Kink – Bonobos use sexual activity sometimes during food sharing, and I can imagine what fun it would be to introduce this practice to the human. Particularly with lovely juicy pieces of fruit, and lots of kissing, sucking and caressing – this could even tie into the sensation play part if you choose to use more than one kink!

Gentle Dom – For this one I definitely have a top-bottom preference. The bonobo may be sweet and loving, but I want to see her as a take-charge lady, every inch the alpha female who both enjoys pleasing her partner AND getting her own way! I’d be interested to see how you’d show this – sexual positions, words, certain acts or mating rituals?

Original Work: Female Dictator/Female Foreign Journalist – A journalist gets to interview the female leader of a dictatorial regime and falls head over heels for someone who is gorgeous, alluring and evil as hell. This could either be a for –real scenario in which the journalist escapes the dictator’s clutches in the end or is allowed to return to her mundane existence afterwards, haunted by memories of the terrifying, charismatic beauty, or it could be something consensually role-played by lovers as a D/s game. This one comes with a big old DISCLAIMER – I don’t approve of dictators IRL and don’t want any allusions to real-world dictators OR allusions to, or descriptions of, any atrocities committed, real or fictional. I deplore such things IRL and want the characters to be 100% fictional and for kink purposes only. If you go the route of consensual role-play, it’s fine to have the participants break character at any point – perhaps one of them freaks out and needs comforting and the game has to be re-negotiated, or someone gets the giggles and receives a playful smack?

Kink Ideas – Uniform Kink – I love the idea of the dictator wearing something military yet feminine – uniform jacket and hat, leather boots and short tight skirt. If it’s a consenting role-play scene, feel free to make the outfit description or picture ridiculously over the top and high camp – e.g. very high boots with spiked heels, extremely short and tight skirt… something like this “Diva Dictator” costume:

Boot Worship - Perhaps the dictator makes the other woman lick her boots and/or kiss them, or kneel at her feet and polish them while she rants about her “revolutionary philosophies”?

Gunplay – The gun could be used simply as an erotic threat, e.g. making the journalist strip at gunpoint. Or for penetration purposes – absolutely any- and everywhere (the gun would of course not be loaded, but the journalist may not know that and it adds to the fearful thrill)! Or for sensation play (cold metal on bare skin). For a role-play scene the gun would of course be a toy or replica.

Dom/Sub (Power Play) – The whole scenario pretty much lends itself to this, whether it’s a dubious consent for-real event or it’s a consenting game. Kneeling, whipping or spanking, verbal commands and more – all are welcome, and you can add stuff I haven’t mentioned too, as long as you avoid my squicks!!!

Original Work: Female Circus Clown/Female Audience Member – I’m a big fan of funny and cute sexual scenarios and this one definitely fits that description! I adore the circus and the clowns have always been my favorite part. So an audience member falling for a sexy clown – and having her feelings reciprocated, perhaps in a very unexpected manner, is an enticing prospect indeed!

Kink Ideas: Costume Kink – I can see the clown’s outfit as being a large part of her allure – her clothes, makeup, props, the whole shebang! Perhaps her costume is the skimpy top and short frilly tutu variety. Or perhaps she’s a Pierrot clown, a pretty girl playing the part of a pretty, effeminate boy. Or maybe she has the standard type of clown makeup and hat, but wears a corset, and/or garter belt and stockings… so many possibilities!

Dirty Talk – If you’re writing fic or drawing a comic, you may have matched on this one. Dirty talk would probably be combined with the comedic in the case of a circus clown – she’d say things that would make her partner laugh, blush and get aroused all at once!

Burlesque – I can see the circus in this instance as an erotic one, classic circus mixed with traditional burlesque, combining elements of striptease, sensual dancing and acrobatics. Perhaps with mainly female performers, who are performing for a mainly female audience?

Public Sex – An erotic circus could perhaps have interactive elements, like the classic scenario where a member of the audience gets pulled up on stage by the performer! The audience member could be reluctant at first, but she’d find the clown very attractive indeed and be willing to push past her shyness to have sex with her – even If it’s in front of the rest of the audience and probably the other performers too!

Whew, I hope that wasn’t too long for you! Anyway, thanks again for being willing to create for me – I hope that’s given you a few ideas! You’re awesome just for being willing to take all this on!!! 
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